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NYBizLab’s president, Antonio Civitella, leads Transfinder, a company he first worked for as an intern in college. He took the entrepreneurial spirit that helped make Transfinder a leader in its industry to start a business to help other businesses find that same success. Transfinder is a market leader in bus routing software and has over 1,500 school districts on its client list. This makes NYBizLab a fantastic resource, particularly for those looking to break into the education market.

We are a vibrant incubator and accelerator in the heart of Schenectady that looks forward to helping businesses add to the rich history of the city. Not only do we have the environment to foster entrepreneurial growth, but our managing director, Rick D’Errico, has a strong network of business and industry leaders and mentors to help you as well.

Rick D'Errico

251 State Street
Schenectady, NY 12305




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NYBizLab is located within the tax-free StartUp NY zone for qualified companies!